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A Non-invasive and Promising Way to Get Rid of Your Tattoo Regrets


In the images above, they are instant result after one removal treatment.

MiBrows is pleased to offer one of market's best and most effective tattoo removal treatment. We are able to remove all colors of eyebrows tattoo including red, orange, blue, green, grey & black.

How does this Removal work?

This treatment is done by a laser machine that is designed specifically for eyebrows tattoo and small body tattoos. It has a much higher removal rate and shorter rest time between treatments than traditional laser machines.

What is the difference between this laser removal vs other laser removals on the market?

Traditional laser aims to achieve the fading effect by blasting the skin and make it scab. This cause a lot of trauma to the skin, eyebrow hairs and a much longer recovery (possible of permanent scarring). 

Our non-invasive laser machine uses selective photothermal effect, which can target specific pigment particles in the skin, decompose them into small molecules, and then excrete them from the body through the human epidermis and metabolic system. This treatment causes no wounds to the eyebrows and skin.

When is the soonest I can do this removal treatment?

If you had your eyebrows recently tattooed, you must wait one month before starting this treatment. 


How many sessions would I need?

The amount of sessions depends on the number of times you have had your eyebrows tattooed in the past. The fewer number of tattoo treatments means less treatments to remove all pigments.

On average most clients go through 2-4 treatments, while some are satisfied after 1 treatment. It depends on your desired result, we welcome you to send us clear photos for online consultation before booking an appointment.


After the first removal treatment, how soon can I do it again?

You can do it as early as 2 weeks after. A 2-3 weeks interval is recommended between treatments.

What are the post-treatment care?

There is barely any downtime with this removal treatment. You can get water on them the first day and apply makeup in two days. We will provide aftercare serum for clients and it is recommended to apply 2-3 times daily for the first five days. Sweating and exercises is also acceptable as long as the client feels no discomfort. 

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